housing Saint sylvestre sur lot

Château Lot et Garonne Between Lot Valley and Quercy
995 000 €
Nestled in the delightful department of Lot-et-Garonne, this extraordinary castle from the 19th century takes us to a fantastic place. Built on the remnant of a medieval fort, it is also surrounded by a 10-hectare estate complete with original outbuildings (a chapel, a garden house, old farm buildings?) which offer an exceptional setting. With its centenarian trees, its well cared for fauna and flora, the castle grounds invite to calm and contemplation. Sitting on its roc, the building itself presides over the local landscape, providing an extraordinary 360 view over the surrounding countryside. Like majestic stages, three terraces surround the castle from which to admire the ubiquitous beauty of nature or simply sip a refreshing beverage in the evening warmth of a long summer day. A double staircase lead to the castle door, in front of which the sun rises every morning. Once in, long and wide corridors lead to two large living rooms, a dining room, kitchen and bedrooms with remarkable woodwork. These large rooms exudes a very particular atmosphere that gives time and space in this place a unique cachet. We can then chase those unbelievable views over fields and villages up to the 4th floor, where the highest bedroom is located. The core building has an area of 828 m2. The vaulted cellars making up the base of the house bear witness to the old original castle in places. Next to this magnificent building, an outbuilding with a surface area of 486 m2 hides the former horse stalls and coach house. The hayloft was converted into a living space in the 80s and boasts beautiful proportions. Its two main rooms in particular ? a raised platform in the light and spacious main living area and an art studio - invite you to dream and create! Less than a two-hour drive from Bordeaux and Toulouse, let yourself be surprised by this spellbinding place, a small country of its own!